Where's Your Coverage Gap?
The entire time your Transportation Network Company (such as with Uber, Lyft, Via, Sidecar, and others) app is on, your personal auto policy is suspended. Your TNC does provide coverage, but only for the period of time between accepting the passenger and dropping off the passenger (before accepting a passenger, some TNCs may provide limited liability coverage only). No passenger means no coverage for your vehicle and any damages or injuries you may sustain.

Rideshare insurance coverage steps in to cover you between passengers, effectively closing the gap. Simply identify which vehicle you use for ridesharing and add this coverage endorsement to your vehicle. Your coverage will only apply to the vehicle specified on your policy. If you have other vehicles insured, the coverage will not apply to them unless you purchase coverage for each one.

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The cost of adding the ride share endorsement is minimal, so protect yourself by purchasing this coverage today!

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Rideshare Insurance Coverage for Uber and Lyft drivers in Chicago!

Less Worry.
Ride share drivers can generate extra income by using their personal vehicles to transport others. They set their own hours and meet interesting people. But, did you know that you might have a gap in your auto insurance coverage when you drive for a transportation network company (TNC), such as Uber or Lyft?

Nearly every carrier’s auto policies exclude coverage for incidents that occur when a personal vehicle is used to transport paying passengers, such as during ridesharing. Thankfully, you can now purchase ride share insurance if you drive for one of these online platforms.